Music Moment: Shakira’s Islands

I know she’s nothing Asian but I love reconnecting with my Hispanic roots and listening to her. Haha actually this song is not even in Spanish! It’s a cover of the British band The xx’s Islands. So it’s in English and, ultimately, it’s alternative-pop perfection in Shakira’s capable knowing hands.

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Current Playlist Session #4

I’m back!! Ready to share my awesome musical tastes with everyone =D Just kidding, I just like to make myself seem important. I just wanna post the songs that I’ve been addicted to over the past month!


Thoughts on Super Junior’s BONOMANA, K-Pop, J-Pop & More

There’s so much new music being thrust my way that for a second I didn’t even know where to begin. I’ll just post the songs that have made an impression on me and I feel should totally be given room to shine.

Super Junior’s new track 미인아 (BONAMANA)/Minah (BONAMANA) is super hot. It feels kinda like some tribal rain dance or something, the beats are heavy and dance oriented but the choppy lyrics and singing are really what make it kinda addicting. The chorus is where everything seems to make sense. It’s just so good.