Review: MBLAQ’s 100% Ver. Mini-Album

MBLAQ is BACK. And so am I 😀 Everyone ready for my oh-so-accurate review of these boys’ latest musical endeavor? Again, I apologize for the delay and hope to make it up to you with my review, though not overly long-winded I like to think I make up for it with my precise unbiased analysis.


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Review: BoA’s Hurricane Venus Album

Newbies move out the way, unless you wanna get cut by BoA’s super sharp dancing (no joke that precision is kinda intimidating). Korea’s Pop Princess is back and a storm is brewing!


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Review: Outsider’s Vol. 2.5 The Outsider Mini Album

I’ve learned there is more to the Korean music scene besides attractive and funny idols, and the “more” just happens to be speed rapper Outsider. I’ve been listening to his album way too much for it to be considered healthy and I feel it’s genius must be shared with the world.


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Review: Koda Kumi’s UNIVERSE Album


Truthfully, I’m a huge Koda Kumi fan. I love her musical style and I love her, (she’s the reason I’m into J-Pop & K-Pop! Read ABOUT section for more details.) but I also know how to be completely and utterly objective when it comes to her music. So if at times I may sound way harsh, I’m only doing it because I know of what she’s capable of and I’ve been quite disappointed with her past musical endeavors, except for certain few.

Read the review at your own discretion.


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Review: 2AM’s Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die

Who else has been found guilty of overlooking these incredibly talented guys in favor of the their more ‘beastly’ brothers, 2PM?

(*looks around* Just me? *incredulous look on face*)

Now I know I couldn’t have been the only one, but that’s the least of our matter right now, the real question is whether they finally deserve our attention and recognition with their 1st mini-album? Let’s find out!


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Review: C.N.Blue’s Bluetory

Are these boys really worth all the hype?

Like I said before when it comes to rock in Asia I tend to go to Japan where variety is ubiquitous in the music scene. So I didn’t know how to feel about these guys until I got my hands on their mini-album Bluetory.


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