Music Moment: GO & Nassun’s O-IWI-O

Sex in the ears is what this is…

This song is so HOT, like damn, this is a hit according to my ears. I’ve been a little lukewarm towards all Korean releases lately because nothing I loved has come out. Like last year I had 2NE1 (Fire), KARA (Mr.), 4minute (Muzik), SNSD’s epic summer releases (I maintain Genie is their best song EVER) but this summer nothing really stood out to me really. I was starting to think that the quality of my K-Pop was just on a downward spiral.

But O-IWI-O definitely lets me know that there’s still high quality work in the Korean music industry. It just dulled down during the summer =/ but I rest assured knowing that a new season is upon us and hopefully more comebacks with fresh music. For now this is gonna be on repeat for like HOURS.


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Relapse into K-Pop: Gummy, 2PM, Hyuna and Nassun

So I’ve been away from the world of K-Pop for TOO LONG in my opinion (a week is a LONG TIME for me). And in that time I feel like a year has passed in K-Pop time I swear! It’s like in those movies with alternate universes, where you feel you’ve been gone for years but you’ve only been gone for a like a millisecond in reality!


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