Review: GD&TOP’s GD & TOP Vol. 1 album

I can just feel y’all rolling your eyes at me at GD & TOP’s album name. But come on, really, does anyone else know the title of this album??! Haha, I’ve heard some people referring to it as High High but I think that was just the name of the digital single they released prior to the album. But would a rose called by any other name not smell as sweet?? (I think that’s how the quote goes haha haven’t read Shakespeare in a while, so forgive my social faux pas). What I’m trying to say is the album is still great despite what it might be called, so let’s begin with the reviewing process.


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2AM Releases I Did Wrong MV

You go 2AM! I’m totally feeling the song, not within the first minute but definitely towards the end. I’d usually complain about how their voices are slightly auto-tuned or synthesized or whatnot but it totally works for this song and the rap was just so perfect! Plus the boys are looking pretty spiffy as well.

Now about the video… (more…)

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Best of J-Pop/J-Rock 2009 ~Guys~

The Best of J-Pop/J-Rock 2009 ~Guys Edition~

Music in 2009 from guys was so limited for me this year!


Review: SBS Gayo Daejun- Boys & Girls

Boys & Girls All Together Now!!


Review: SBS Gayo Daejun – The Boys


The Boys:

Let’s begin with the boys of 2009, the ones who blasted onto some major popularity and released 2 albums in the past year!