Don’t Go Away, Stay…

Definitely without a doubt one of their best performances. So much fun to watch. Especially Minzy and Dara at the end LOL.

I wasn’t feeling the song that much up until recently now I can’t seem to get enough of it. And while their album isn’t the EPIC one I would want it to be, it’s still pretty damn good. So enjoy. I especially love CL’s rap ❤

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2NE1’s Try To Copy Me MV Released!

I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA lately, I’ve just been so caught up with schoolwork and whatnot. But I just had to give a one thought on 2NE1’s new video.

IT IS AWESOME. Best video I’ve seen in a long time and I have not been visually stimulated like that in a very long time. It was so unique and cool that OMG I can’t help but imagine their comeback if this was just for a CF song. The song is actually growing on me as well.

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2PM Releases New CF Song & CF Song Rankings

Truthfully I was a little skeptical about this release, they had just released a song last week 오픈 해피니스/Open Happiness so I presumed this song would be bad, considering after a good CF song they come out with one not that good, but this one actually sounds really pretty and catchy, a lot better than BIGBANG’s recent Lollipop 2 (*SIGH* What a disappointment).


2NE1 Releases a new song!

Wow, talk about coming completely out of left field. I’m still riding on the current music influx I’ve had recently.

Ok, at first listen I wasn’t hooked (as were many other fans…) but the more I listened to it, the more I realized it isn’t bad, it’s a lot like Please Don’t Go, it takes a while to grow but when it grows it lasts.

But it’s definitely not up there in quality production as say their past singles like Fire, I Don’t Care and their mini-album tracks such as In the Club or Let’s Go Party or Pretty Boy (which I feel are way better than this new song).

But 날 따라 해봐요/Try to Copy Me is definitely not bad. Hmm speaking of CF songs it sounds a lot like 2PM’s CRAZY4S or maybe it’s just all the auto-tune making everything sound a like.

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10 Best of K-Pop 2009 ~Ladies~

K-Pop idol girl groups just ruled my IPod this year! Check to see which ones ;D


Review: SBS Gayo Daejun- Boys & Girls

Boys & Girls All Together Now!!


Review: 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun – The Ladies

2009 has really been a great year for K-Pop Idol lovers (me being extremely happy), we got the emergence 2NE1, the powerful 2PM, the super sexy MBLAQ (minus Cheundong, he’s just too cute), T-ara, 4minute, BEAST, and…MANY MORE that I’m sure of lol.


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Girl Group Battle!! Part Deux

The Rookies (Debuted in 2009)

2NE1 2

2NE1 – This group really needs no introduction, it’s been a long time coming but they’re here now, the first hip-hop/R&B girl group in Korea right now. I remember when I first heard of the concept from YG Entertainment, I was like WTF, what is YG smoking? Female Big Bang my ass, I’m eating my words now, they are indisputably the biggest girl group in Korea right now, with 2 massive number 1 hits, Fire and I Don’t Care, and explosive sales, not to mention they already collaborated with one of the biggest boy bands (YG sunbaes Big Bang)  in Korea for Lollipop, the song for their first commercial before they ever debuted with Fire. They even recently came back from vacation with another amazing single (Pretty Boy, my personal favorite!! XD) off their first mini-album. The girls are always ready to put on a show and they do it well. Though the Pretty Boy performance on Inkigayo last week didn’t do much for me (they must have been tired), they are AMAZING performers, vocalists, and dancers (well 3 out of 4 isn’t bad, sorry Bom!), I can’t say enough about this group so I’ll stop now.

Check out their performance of Fire and their unplugged performance of I Don’t Care the reggae mix.

Member Info

2NE1 - CL

CL (Leader) – 18-year-old CL is the fiercest leader out there! Strangely I always think that the best dancer or best singer are usually the ones to seem like the leaders, but CL possessing neither the vocals of fellow member Park Bom, or the ferocious dancing skills of Minzi, still let’s herself be known, she is FIRE (pardon the pun). But she’s not lacking in the vocal or dancing departments either, it’s just she has something much more than that, stage presence and charisma, some netizens didn’t like her because “she’s too confident,” but who can blame her?? She works it, and those netizens are just haters!

2NE1 - Minzi 2

Minzi – The yongest in the group at only 15-years-young!!! That doesn’t hold her back from entertaining everyone in the audience though, her dancing makes everyone look like amateurs! Anyone remember when she SMOKED Nicole (KARA), Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls), and Hyuna (4minute) in the danceoff earlier this year?? DAMN. Poor girls didn’t stand a chance.

2NE1 - Sandara Park

Dara – She’s not bad, she was a star in the Phillipines before she auditioned for YG and got into 2NE1, she’s 24 and that puts almost a 10 year difference between just her and Minzi!! I always wondered how those dynamics affect the group, especially since they all have to live together. She recently came out with a solo single featuring fierce leader CL titled Kiss.

2NE1 - Park Bom

Bom – The oldest in the group at 25 she’s the main vocals of the group and also the “bunny.” The more I think about the more it becomes true, she has those pretty big cheeks and big eyes. I have to give her props for improving majorly since their Fire promotion days, I used to get exasperated just watching her because she just brought the performance down!! CL and Minzi were off being their usual fierce selfs and Dara could dance and keep up, but Bom just could NOT. But lately she’s been holding her own and for that I’m glad.


4minute – I despised this group. Ok, too strong, but I honestly did not like them. Everything about them, from their clothes, to their 1st single (the hot mess that was Hot Issue), to their sound, except for Jiyoon with her sunglasses, she was just too cool to hate. I quickly changed my tune, especially after the release of MUZIK, wow could I ask for a better song? It incorporates so many elements that I absolutely love, from the auto tune, to the style, to the rapping, the catchy chorus, the flowy verses and the recognizable dance move.  Though they are not the most amazing performers live they make up for it with charisma and the fact that they’re song, MUZIK, is an absolute hit. 4minute has officially proved they are powerful contenders in this girl group battle.

Thank goodness they changed their style, because this

4minute fashion disaster is not, and will NEVER be a good look.

But anyway watch MUZIK, I love watching Jiyoon (the girl with the sunglasses) live, she’s simply amazing! (why isn’t she in 2NE1?? So much attitude and energy! HINT HINT WINK WINK BOM!!)

Member Info

4minute - Jihyun

Ji Hyun (Leader) – First off I think the girl is beautiful, now I can criticize her and tell her to take her crown as the rightful Queen!!! She may be the oldest at 19 but she doesn’t take charge at all, which is the reason I don’t really consider her the leader of 4minute. Hyuna or Ji Yoon seem more like the leaders, Ji Hyun just kinda stands around looking mellow in the background, she needs to take notes from CL, not saying that she has to become suddenly aggressive but just work a little more at looking like the leader!

4minute - Sohyun

Si Hyun- The youngest in the group at 14, she’s adorable even her little moves on stage, but that gives her no excuse to slack off, just look at 15-yeard-old Minzi, she’s fricking crunking with the best of them, you’re cute but that won’t last forever, better step up your game sweetheart.

4minute - Ga Yoon

Ga Yoon –  Ji Hyun better start taking advice from Ga Yoon, the second oldest at 19 as well, she used to be in the background of Ji Yoon and Hyuna’s shadow as well during their Hot Issue era but lately she’s been coming to the forefront more often with her singing in MUZIK, we realize she isn’t as in your face as Ji Yoon or Hyuna but she catches our attention, which is more than I can say for the leader.

4minute - Hyuna

Hyuna- 17-year-old Hyuna, regardless of that ^ monstrosity of an outfit, is out there in the forefront gaining attention, it looks like she tries to hard to have it but at least she’s getting it, you know what I’m saying? She used to be in the Wonder Girls but had to back out due to health reasons, sad especially since the Wonder Girls are HUGE, but she came back thier summer with a new group and has become the face of the group quickly.

4minute - Jiyoon

Ji Yoon – The 18-year-old who was born cool. Seriously I believe it. She’s automatically likeable and not only that she totally owns the stage when performing and it’s natural too, she isn’t trying to own it like Hyuna it just comes to her naturally, her moves are fluid and precise and her voice is so nice, I much prefer her rapping and singing to Hyuna’s. I’m happy that their single MUZIK focuses much attention on her. 


f(x) – Wow, they just debuted last week and I see just SO much potential in this group. They’re from SM entertainment (the people responsible with the mega popular, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, and SHINee to name just a few) and that should automatically let you know that these girls are polished to the bone, from their looks, to their dancing, to their voices, they have had extreme training and that training has paid off. The only problem? LA chA TA, their debut song, is definitely not a hit, though I have to admit it is a catchy tune which has recently been an addition to my IPod and it has replay potential, it isn’t a song where I would replay over and over and over again. Get what I’m saying? Despite that I know that in the near future these girls will have a monster hit, it’s just not at this precise moment.  

The girls had their debut performance at Music Core last week and made a pretty big splash, the crowds were already cheering for them!

Member Info

f(x) - Victoria

Victoria (Leader) – The 22-year-old Chinese beauty, who came to Korea for modeling. She was even SHINee’s Noona You’re So Pretty (Replay) video, where I hated her for walking away from those fine specimens of Korean breeding (Jonghyun and Key <33). Anyway she’s f(x) stoic leader, she’s the most flexible as well, I love her flip and vertical spilt, and there’s something about her that makes her seem like the leader. She doesn’t have CL’s attitude, but she looks like she has everything in control, and I admire that.

f(x) - Sulli

Sulli – The Korean Princess, she’s just so cute on stage and off, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t work it. I honestly thought this 15-year-old was the youngest because of her demeanor, but it turns out the maknae of the group is Krystal (we’ll get to her later). I like her for no damn reason, though I do find her too smiley on stage at times, it works for her.

f(x) - Krystal

Krystal – 15-year-old Krystal is the youngest in the group but she seems a little serious to me, she’s the most famous so far for being Jessica’s (SNSD’s resident Ice Princess) little sister and fellow SM-er.


Wow that must be cool but it would get pretty awkward if Krystal out did her sister, I would roll over and die if my little sister did better than me at something that was my specialty. Well anyway just like her older sister, Krystal was born in America and speaks fluent English so luckily there won’t be Engrish in their future songs. 

f(x) Luna 2

Luna – My personal favorite, 16-year-old Luna doesn’t seem too cutesy and she knows she’s got it, when she smiles during their LA chA TA performance it’s not cute, it’s confident, like ‘Wow I got this.’ She has pretty fluid movement and she has some pretty powerful vocals, she did a beautiful rendition of Whitney Houston, I Have Nothing, which despite some Engrish, was pretty impressive.

f(x) - Amber

Amber – Ah we have finally arrived at 16-year-old California native and androgynous member, Amber. She’s Chinese-American and just recently moved to Korea last year when she auditioned for SM in California and got in. I actually really like her rapping, usually I don’t have a feel for rappers in the girl groups, they prove either annoying or mundane. Amber has a nice flow to her and no Engrish here either =3.

T-ara Lies

T-ara (or is Tiara?) – I’m so indifferent about this group it is not even funny, they’ve been promoting the single Lies for the entire summer and ugh I’m just not interested at all. I watched a few seconds and left. Here’s their video anyway. By the way, no member info on any of them, I have no idea what any of their names are or any performing styles. All I can say to them is get your asses back to the studio and record something with some energy!

Their song, Lies.

That’s it for the girl groups special!! Whooo!! Can’t wait for After School’s comeback and two new groups, Secret and Lady Collection!!

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K-Pop Girl Group Battle!! Part One

1st post

Ok so everyone in the k-pop world knows that 2009 will forever be known as the year of the girl groups, whether new, old, or just plain bad, they’re all here and they’re all getting their claws sharpened (in 2NE1’s case they getting ready to f**k a b**ch UP!! They gangstas…) LOL, just kidding. This is the k-pop world, not Hollywood, gosh.

Anyway where to start but with the experienced seniors? These girls have already had hits and made their mark on the Korean pop music scene but now that these “maknaes” are threatening to take their spots, there are no stop signs, these girls (women) are going all out.

The Seniors

Brown Eyed Girls

Brown Eyed Girls – Ok so these girls really need no introduction. I never really liked their previous material, except How Come, and now Abracadabra.  Although these talented girls have been around since February 2006, their first big hit, L.O.V.E came off of their first mini-album With Love in January 2008! They went on to release a follow-up hit to L.O.V.E with How Come, a cool sounding electronic ballad off of their new mini-album, My Style, released in September 2008, cementing them as one of the most popular girl groups. Now they came back in July with their junior album, Sound G, releasing the epic Abracadabra, which has quickly become their most popular songs. It took them a little while to get noticed, but I honestly believe that they are the most vocally talented out all the girl groups, and hopefully they’ll continue on this successful road.

Check out Jea and Ga-in’s rendition of Again & Again by 2PM and you’ll see what I mean by ‘most vocally talented.’ 


KARA – KARA is not that old at all, they just debuted in 2008, well really they debuted in 2007 with Break It, but back then there were only 4 members (Nicole, Gyuri, Seung Yeon, and Sung Hee) in the “strong female” image of debut KARA. Now fast forward to July 2008, Sung Hee backed out of the group, and in came two new members, Ji Young and Hara, and a complete image overhaul, a cute and playful image for their new song, Rock U, a very poppy number with an infectious chorus. Though they had success with Rock U, it was their mini-album Pretty Girl released in December of 2008 that spawned two massive hits that catapulted KARA to national superstardom: Pretty Girl and Honey. Pretty Girl (kind of disgusts me truthfully…) was released first in December of 2008 while Honey (definitely the better of the two yet it takes a while to get into it, it’s just TOO poppy <.< Wow never thought I would say that!) was released later in February of 2009 and was their first number 1. Now since their comeback in July, I’m definitely feeling their new stuff, I’m really shocked that although their album KARA REVOLUTION 2, is totally different from their previous work, they still manage to maintain their cute and poppy sound. So props to them, Mr. is definitely the better song, and I’m honestly surprised that they released Wanna as their comeback single instead. Luckily, they stopped promotion for Wanna after it reached number one on Inkigayo and they’ve officially moved on to promoting, Mr.

Their performance of Mr., I love their choreo!! ❤ 

And just because I love KARA so much, I decided to do a little solo section on each member! 

KARA - Gyuri

(Leader) Gyuri – She’s the oldest and seemingly most mature as well, I’m not particular fond of her high notes but the girl CAN sing. Plus she’s just so confident (in real life as well actually, go watch her last appearance Star Golden Bell for an example) and comfortable on stage!

KARA- Seung Yeon

Seung Yeon – 21-year-old (2nd oldest)  mascot of the group, the girl has got some pretty powerful charisma, I liked her the first time I saw her and it wasn’t even on stage! She just looks like a sweet girl plus she seems resilient especially after all the horrible comments she had to endure after netizens saw some pretty unflattering pictures of her hairy arms. Poor girl!!

KARA - Hara

Hara – 18-year-old fellow mascot of the group, she’s not spectacular in the vocals but she’s a good dancer, and not only that she represents the groups image perfectly! Cute and fresh. Not only that but doesn’t she have an uncanny resemblance to Namie Amuro?

KARA - Nicole

Nicole – OMG I’m total fangirl for this girl!! Haha!! She’s only 17 yet she’s simply amazing on stage and off. Her naturally cheery and completely adorkable personality are only a plus to her onstage persona. Nicole is the main dancer of the group and totally owns the stage when performing Mr. She makes me laugh so hard on Star Golden Bell and I love it when she drops her cake…. 

KARA- Ji Young

Ji Young – Gosh she’s young, only 15 to be exact. She’s a pretty good dancer and a good singer, nothing bad or particularly good to say about this girl. She’s young so there’s still time for her to shine =3


SNSD (Girls’ Generation) – No need for biographical info here, SNSD is huge, literally and figuratively. They came back in July with their hit Tell Me Your Wish (Genie), taking a break from their overtly innocent and sweet sound of Gee. Thing about this group is there are TOO many of them and I think it’s mean that such talented girls would have a hard time trying to stand out and get the attention they so rightfully deserve! But I give them mad props for being able to work together so nicely.

God Bless their choreographer!! It must take forever getting each and every girl to the middle for their solo while not interrupting the flow of the dance XD 

JewelryJewelry – Truthfully I don’t care much for this group simply because members come and go like a revolving door and that’s never attractive in a group, Jewelry has been around for a longtime compared to the other seniors, 2001 to be exact but I need calm waters on my girl group fronts, dammit! So when I heard they (the CURRENT members) were making a comeback in August, I was indifferent. ‘Oh joy another girl group comeback.’ But truthfully there’s something alluring about the fact that these girls have been around and know the ropes of the game, not only that but their song Vari2ty, is pretty catchy, nothing extraordinary or new in the K-pop music front but it is catchy and it has a memorable chorus and dance. Something absolutely necessary to get by in the K-pop girl group world, so good luck to them. 

So that’s it for today, tomorrow I’ll be covering the rookies, 2NE1, 4minute, f(x), and T-ara, XD what have I begun?…

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