Some serious butchering of one of my all time favorite songs has just taken place…

I’m gonna go listen to the original and try and forget I ever listened to that^ atrocious version.

At least the girls look good, because that’s the only thing their sales will be based on with this song.


Koreans going Japanese: 4minute & KARA

Ok, we get it, the Korean market has gotten so saturated with girl groups there has to be some who go off and make something of themselves a la TOHOSHINKI…not that worked out completely well in the end… (*goes off to corner to sulk*).

Hopefully 4minute and KARA’s management teams have learned from SM.


Girls Making Their Comebacks!

Everyone in K-Pop for the last two years knows of the influx of girl groups in the year 2009 (and still continuing…). However, only one girl group who debuted in 2009 really marked their place in the K-Pop world: 2NE1.

They pretty much left everyone else in their dust, and understandably so. Unfortunately other talented girl groups didn’t have the same luck (or skill, or record producer, or whatever anyone wants to blame it on). Among them was Secret and Rainbow.


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Review: BoA’s Hurricane Venus Album

Newbies move out the way, unless you wanna get cut by BoA’s super sharp dancing (no joke that precision is kinda intimidating). Korea’s Pop Princess is back and a storm is brewing!


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Music Moment: BoA’s #7 Track

I listened to the whole album once and I can say with full confidence my favorite song is 한별 (Implode)/One Star (Implode).

So beautiful!!!

The review is coming soon…to a K-Pop blog near you LOL…Just kidding, I’ll be writing one sometime tomorrow once I’ve got more of a feel for the album.

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Review: Taeyang’s SOLAR Album

Oh Taeyang. How could I have put you on the back-burner for so long? I promised a long long time ago that I would be reviewing his album. But back in the day (when the album was released) I was in a slacker mood and the World Cup was on and I just left it aside. That doesn’t mean anything about how I feel about the album though! Read on for more and excuses and my true feelings on solo Taeyang!


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Review: Solo Artists Comeback – SE7EN & BoA

Oh, SE7EN, I love your voice. It’s beautiful and it makes me wanna swoon. Well more than just your voice make me wanna swoon ;D


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Review: Narsha’s NARSHA Mini Album

5 stars for this album cover! So diva, so chic, so posh, and I feel that only someone who’s completely in control and secure of themselves and their surroundings would be able to do something like this and pull it off with confidence. And that’s exactly what Narsha is! She’s got total control of her choices and she’s choosing well. She knows what she wants and innately she must know what the public needs. Great music, of course!


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SHINee Releases Lucifer MV

*Sigh* Oh SM…why is it you hate Key so much!!?? I swear all the other guys have nothing they can’t recover from, Taemin can just cut his hair, Jonghyun can lay off the gel, Onew can stop parting his hair that way, and Minho looks quite normal aside from the outfit.

This ^ REALLY??? Well, whatever, SM is really lucky that Key is diva enough to pull that off only, but only then because he’s as confident as he is.

I actually have to go out and say I even prefer the curly blond perm during last year’s Juliette days. And NO Asian man should ever have a perm…

Yes Key we shed tears for you too!

Aside from the aesthetics of the music video, I like the song, I don’t love it quite yet but I’m sure I will, SHINee rarely lets me down musically.I’ve been listening to their album since yesterday and I enjoy it! Jonghyun’s voice is amazing but Onew really impressed me on this latest album, I suggest everyone check it out!

Anyone else have thoughts of their comeback?

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Mr.Boogie performed

A part of me squeals on the inside. I love this song and I’m glad I get to see it performed.

Anyone else as in love with Luna’s blonde hair as I am?

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