Review: GD&TOP’s GD & TOP Vol. 1 album

I can just feel y’all rolling your eyes at me at GD & TOP’s album name. But come on, really, does anyone else know the title of this album??! Haha, I’ve heard some people referring to it as High High but I think that was just the name of the digital single they released prior to the album. But would a rose called by any other name not smell as sweet?? (I think that’s how the quote goes haha haven’t read Shakespeare in a while, so forgive my social faux pas). What I’m trying to say is the album is still great despite what it might be called, so let’s begin with the reviewing process.


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Koreans going Japanese: 4minute & KARA

Ok, we get it, the Korean market has gotten so saturated with girl groups there has to be some who go off and make something of themselves a la TOHOSHINKI…not that worked out completely well in the end… (*goes off to corner to sulk*).

Hopefully 4minute and KARA’s management teams have learned from SM.


Review: BoA’s Hurricane Venus Album

Newbies move out the way, unless you wanna get cut by BoA’s super sharp dancing (no joke that precision is kinda intimidating). Korea’s Pop Princess is back and a storm is brewing!


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Review: Taeyang’s SOLAR Album

Oh Taeyang. How could I have put you on the back-burner for so long? I promised a long long time ago that I would be reviewing his album. But back in the day (when the album was released) I was in a slacker mood and the World Cup was on and I just left it aside. That doesn’t mean anything about how I feel about the album though! Read on for more and excuses and my true feelings on solo Taeyang!


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Review: Solo Artists Comeback – SE7EN & BoA

Oh, SE7EN, I love your voice. It’s beautiful and it makes me wanna swoon. Well more than just your voice make me wanna swoon ;D


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Review: Narsha’s NARSHA Mini Album

5 stars for this album cover! So diva, so chic, so posh, and I feel that only someone who’s completely in control and secure of themselves and their surroundings would be able to do something like this and pull it off with confidence. And that’s exactly what Narsha is! She’s got total control of her choices and she’s choosing well. She knows what she wants and innately she must know what the public needs. Great music, of course!


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Review: Son Dambi’s the queen Mini Album

Love the cover, I adore the French bourgeoisie era of style, especially when it’s Lolita like. Unfortunately that’s where the praise ends. I was actually debating whether or not to do a review of this album, but I decided to go ahead with it since I’m reviewing Narsha’s NARSHA mini-album as well and I feel the need to compare them.


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Music Moment: SISTAR’s We Never Go Alone

As far as World Cup songs go this one actually doesn’t bother me! A lot of the World Cup songs being released by idols as “marketing tactics” according to netizens have been grating on me.

But here is where SISTAR delivers, they’re fun and energetic and I love the ‘oh oh yeo yeo’ part so much, I think that’s pretty much it. It’s not bubblegum cute it’s just a fun catchy pop number that totally puts you into the game.

Sadly though South Korea got their butts handed to them today by Argentina. I woke up at 8 AM to see it and that’s what I get??

Well at least they didn’t fail as epically as…

LOL that was bad. So I’ve been pretty MIA on my blog lately just bumming around during the summer and getting into the FIFA World Cup in my spare time.

Strangely enough when I was super busy with school I always made it a priority to blog but now that I’m so free I haven’t gotten around to it! Or it could just be that there was more to blog about it the yesteryears…and by that I mean…like a month ago, hehe.

But alas YG has inspired me once more! Taeyang is coming and trust me with that comes an EPIC review. I’m dying to get a hold of his album! 13 TRACKS!!


Ok, so that’s all for today, goodnight and goodluck.

(Does anyone remember that movie? I never saw it but I always wanted to simply because of that line XD)

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Review: Kana Nishino’s Aitakute Aitakute Single

会いたくて 会いたくて (Aitakute Aitakute) is Kana Nishino’s highest selling single so far in her short career and it’s her first to come in #2 on the Oricon charts, as I’ve only been following her since she released Dear…/MAYBE, I’m quite proud of her.

However, at the same time I’m not; she had way better material on Best Friend than on this single. I’m happy she’s going up on people’s radars but I feel they’ll be disappointed with the songs.

Read at your own discretion! I was not very pleased with the single.


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Review: 4minute’s Hit Your Heart Mini Album

Ohmygoshers, I’m back! It’s been so long since I’ve even updated my blog, poor thing was getting neglected. In favor of what you ask? My life

Psh ROFL almost got you there, those things are hard to come by!

Ok, truthfully, I’ve just been lazy since getting out of school.  I have no excuses, I repent!

And as penance comes my long overdue review of 4minute’s latest endeavor into the K-Pop world!

In the words of Hyuna: Let’s get let’s get let’s get started!


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