Changmin & Yunho’s Comeback

I LOVED LOVED their comeback!! Like…this little boy was me!!

AHH YUNHO’S FIERCE ASS DANCE!! I died and went to heaven just a lil’ bit ;D

There is something to be said of a performance of such caliber, along the lines of them being seasoned performers. They’ve been at it for years and they’ve mastered the art of entertaining and impressing. That is all I will say. It’s always sad seeing them without their fellow TVXQ/DBSK members but c’est la vie~ (*goes off to cry in corner*)

But now its time for gifs that makes me happy!!

For all you haters!!!

So yeah do as they say!

And for all y’all waiting for the TVXQ/DBSK album review…yeah that’s gonna take a while. Priority demands I do my research paper first T-T I blame my Intro to World Religions teacher…




Cyberspace Neglect

Wow it’s been forever since I’ve been on this site and I have to say to, like my two, remaining fans (psh delusional meee~) that I’m so sorry! I just started college in the fall and I was so caught up in everything but I think I’ve calmed down and this winter break has got me putting things into perspective.

It wasn’t solely starting college and moving away from home that stopped me from blogging, it was also because I lost interest in Japan and South Korea. They haven’t done anything to impress me in the past year. No HUGE hits like Abracadabra, Fire,or Again&Again, which were the reasons I got into blogging in the first place.

But alas here’s hoping to a new year and more posts from me! Also my hope has been reinvigorated by the release of GD&TOP’s album, which is quite fantastic, dare I say. So look forward to my review on that coming out in two days 😀

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Koreans going Japanese: 4minute & KARA

Ok, we get it, the Korean market has gotten so saturated with girl groups there has to be some who go off and make something of themselves a la TOHOSHINKI…not that worked out completely well in the end… (*goes off to corner to sulk*).

Hopefully 4minute and KARA’s management teams have learned from SM.


Introducing: miss A

I’ll admit I’ve kinda overlooked them this past month, mostly because I knew JYPE was letting them debut so they could bring in some much needed revenue. So what sort of talent could these girls possibly have is what I asked myself. But lately I’ve changed my tune.


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The power of MVs: 4minute releases Huh

Gosh, I really like how badass the video is!! 4minute is back in the running, because the more I watch the video the more I like the song (damn conditioning)! And I like a song or two from their mini-album.

And can I say that I am proud of the leader, Jihyun, for not being completely overshadowed in the MV by the powerhouses that are Jiyoon and Hyuna, as she usually is. I also loved her solo shot the most with that regal gold dress, she looked gorgeous.

Major props to maknae Sohyun for growing up and her little solo dance in the video was the shiznicks. She did a good, especially with that split! Damn girl!! Aww little Sohyun is growing up *tear tear*.

Ok anyway more on the MV, I love the choreo and I can’t wait to see it performed live!!

I’m not gonna say anything on Jiyoon, Hyuna, or Gayoon. I mean what is there to say that hasn’t already been said? Those girls shine like stars =D I’m really happy about it too because Gayoon is really stepping into her own.

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Thoughts on Super Junior’s BONOMANA, K-Pop, J-Pop & More

There’s so much new music being thrust my way that for a second I didn’t even know where to begin. I’ll just post the songs that have made an impression on me and I feel should totally be given room to shine.

Super Junior’s new track 미인아 (BONAMANA)/Minah (BONAMANA) is super hot. It feels kinda like some tribal rain dance or something, the beats are heavy and dance oriented but the choppy lyrics and singing are really what make it kinda addicting. The chorus is where everything seems to make sense. It’s just so good.


Cry Babies in K-Pop

Who knows when this phenomenon began, but whoever started it deserves a fruit basket. You know you all secretly love watching male idols win awards because one of them, there’s always ONE, that always cries!

In honor of that special moment in their young careers I’ve decided to dedicate a special post to the ‘cry babies’ in K-Pop. And I’m saying that in the sweetest and nicest way possible, because who doesn’t love a man who shows some emotions?

So, I’m counting down my top 5 from last to EPIC first.