Music Moment: Shakira’s Islands

I know she’s nothing Asian but I love reconnecting with my Hispanic roots and listening to her. Haha actually this song is not even in Spanish! It’s a cover of the British band The xx’s Islands. So it’s in English and, ultimately, it’s alternative-pop perfection in Shakira’s capable knowing hands.

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MBLAQ’s Cry MV Released

Ok so this is a little late but whatever haha. I remember mentioning that I didn’t want the music in the preview background to be the title song, but I take that back now!

I’m so in love with this song! At first I was like ummm… but now I’m all…


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Music Moment: GO & Nassun’s O-IWI-O

Sex in the ears is what this is…

This song is so HOT, like damn, this is a hit according to my ears. I’ve been a little lukewarm towards all Korean releases lately because nothing I loved has come out. Like last year I had 2NE1 (Fire), KARA (Mr.), 4minute (Muzik), SNSD’s epic summer releases (I maintain Genie is their best song EVER) but this summer nothing really stood out to me really. I was starting to think that the quality of my K-Pop was just on a downward spiral.

But O-IWI-O definitely lets me know that there’s still high quality work in the Korean music industry. It just dulled down during the summer =/ but I rest assured knowing that a new season is upon us and hopefully more comebacks with fresh music. For now this is gonna be on repeat for like HOURS.


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Music Moment: BoA’s #7 Track

I listened to the whole album once and I can say with full confidence my favorite song is 한별 (Implode)/One Star (Implode).

So beautiful!!!

The review is coming soon…to a K-Pop blog near you LOL…Just kidding, I’ll be writing one sometime tomorrow once I’ve got more of a feel for the album.

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Music Moment: Koda Kumi’s Lollipop

Everything Koda Kumi used to put out became my most played in like weeks, these past two years that’s changed, and even though Lollipop isn’t a quality song, it’s catchy and fun and so ero-kakkoii (sexy cool).

Avoid Inside Fishbowl and Outside Fishbowl at all costs though!

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Music Moment: SISTAR’s We Never Go Alone

As far as World Cup songs go this one actually doesn’t bother me! A lot of the World Cup songs being released by idols as “marketing tactics” according to netizens have been grating on me.

But here is where SISTAR delivers, they’re fun and energetic and I love the ‘oh oh yeo yeo’ part so much, I think that’s pretty much it. It’s not bubblegum cute it’s just a fun catchy pop number that totally puts you into the game.

Sadly though South Korea got their butts handed to them today by Argentina. I woke up at 8 AM to see it and that’s what I get??

Well at least they didn’t fail as epically as…

LOL that was bad. So I’ve been pretty MIA on my blog lately just bumming around during the summer and getting into the FIFA World Cup in my spare time.

Strangely enough when I was super busy with school I always made it a priority to blog but now that I’m so free I haven’t gotten around to it! Or it could just be that there was more to blog about it the yesteryears…and by that I mean…like a month ago, hehe.

But alas YG has inspired me once more! Taeyang is coming and trust me with that comes an EPIC review. I’m dying to get a hold of his album! 13 TRACKS!!


Ok, so that’s all for today, goodnight and goodluck.

(Does anyone remember that movie? I never saw it but I always wanted to simply because of that line XD)

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Music Moment: Soya n Sun’s Laugh While Saying Goodbye

Oh wow just heard this song today and just fell in love at first listen, its by a duo Soya n Sun.  Its really pretty and just easy listening. Fun fact, Soya is Kim Joog Kook’s niece and I really love her voice.

The song is called Laugh While Saying Goodbye and has a wonderful melody and beat. It’s sad but has this upbeat hopeful tone  to it. I’m definitely looking forward for more from them in the future.

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Music Moment: BRIGHT

A girl group that I like isn’t hard to find, I really love 2NE1 and After School. I really enjoy SNSD, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, 4minute. And I enjoy some tunes from f(x) and T-ara at times.

BUT a girl group in Japan?? Never had one!

Until BRIGHT that is.


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Music Moment: Kylee’s Kimi ga Iru Kara

So I heard of this super young new Japanese artist called Kylee, she has an American father and Japanese mother and was born in America. I wasn’t particularly interested in the girl, but then I listened to her upcoming (major-label) debut single, キミがいるから (Kimi ga Iru Kara).

While I wasn’t wowed or anything I find myself going back to it. Ever have that type of relationship with a song? You don’t necessarily like it but you don’t hate it and you find certain parts of the song are actually not bad and you enjoy listening to it every once in a while.

Well anyway here’s the song, I really like the rawness of her voice.

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Music Moment: Man to Man’s Superstar

I’ve decided to start a new little special called Music Moment, with simple little songs I’m really appreciating at the moment. Ones that aren’t especially well-known but SHOULD be.

First on the list is Man to Man’s Superstar (feat. Gimm! Park Sa, Speed Motion).

I have no idea who the guys behind this song are, but I’m totally loving them for creating such an addictive and melodic track!

‘You are my lady, you are my baby, *something in Korean* SUPERSTAR!’

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