Review: MBLAQ’s 100% Ver. Mini-Album

MBLAQ is BACK. And so am I 😀 Everyone ready for my oh-so-accurate review of these boys’ latest musical endeavor? Again, I apologize for the delay and hope to make it up to you with my review, though not overly long-winded I like to think I make up for it with my precise unbiased analysis.


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MBLAQ’s Cry MV Released

Ok so this is a little late but whatever haha. I remember mentioning that I didn’t want the music in the preview background to be the title song, but I take that back now!

I’m so in love with this song! At first I was like ummm… but now I’m all…


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Spring Break = New Music

I’m in the midst of a research paper and it’s finally due tomorrow, so I’m tweaking and editing all day today, and then it hit me, in 2 more days I”ll officially be out!


But it also means tons of new music, so I went through a mental rundown of everything I’m anticipating in the coming 2 weeks. Some more than others…


Current Playlist Session #2

So if you’ve read my blog before, I have a monthly section where I review the top 10 songs I’ve been listening to lately. I did one for February and now here’s my list for March. So in no particular order here we go.


MBLAQ’s If You Come Into My Heart feat. C-Luv

How’s everybody feel about MBLAQ’s newest song? I really like MBLAQ. Their music, however, I find average but I see they have huge potential musically.

And this song is definitely a step in the right direction in my opinion, hopefully they’ll keep it up for their comeback.

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Mir News Update!

Wanna know who MBLAQ’s resident naughty maknae is fanboying after? Find out after the cut!


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10 Best of K-Pop 2009 ~Guys~

Wanna know which Korean boy band ruled my IPod in 2009? (Psst…the picture above is a hint.)


Epic (English) Fail MBLAQ Mir Style

OMG this has me laughing so hard and I just had to share this little spotlight of happiness with the world.

‘Miss USA’, oh Mir how I love thee…

credits: Ne0rago@youtube for subbing

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