Don’t Go Away, Stay…

Definitely without a doubt one of their best performances. So much fun to watch. Especially Minzy and Dara at the end LOL.

I wasn’t feeling the song that much up until recently now I can’t seem to get enough of it. And while their album isn’t the EPIC one I would want it to be, it’s still pretty damn good. So enjoy. I especially love CL’s rap ❤

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2NE1’s Try To Copy Me MV Released!

I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA lately, I’ve just been so caught up with schoolwork and whatnot. But I just had to give a one thought on 2NE1’s new video.

IT IS AWESOME. Best video I’ve seen in a long time and I have not been visually stimulated like that in a very long time. It was so unique and cool that OMG I can’t help but imagine their comeback if this was just for a CF song. The song is actually growing on me as well.

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2PM Releases New CF Song & CF Song Rankings

Truthfully I was a little skeptical about this release, they had just released a song last week 오픈 해피니스/Open Happiness so I presumed this song would be bad, considering after a good CF song they come out with one not that good, but this one actually sounds really pretty and catchy, a lot better than BIGBANG’s recent Lollipop 2 (*SIGH* What a disappointment).


2NE1 Releases a new song!

Wow, talk about coming completely out of left field. I’m still riding on the current music influx I’ve had recently.

Ok, at first listen I wasn’t hooked (as were many other fans…) but the more I listened to it, the more I realized it isn’t bad, it’s a lot like Please Don’t Go, it takes a while to grow but when it grows it lasts.

But it’s definitely not up there in quality production as say their past singles like Fire, I Don’t Care and their mini-album tracks such as In the Club or Let’s Go Party or Pretty Boy (which I feel are way better than this new song).

But 날 따라 해봐요/Try to Copy Me is definitely not bad. Hmm speaking of CF songs it sounds a lot like 2PM’s CRAZY4S or maybe it’s just all the auto-tune making everything sound a like.

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10 Best of K-Pop 2009 ~Ladies~

K-Pop idol girl groups just ruled my IPod this year! Check to see which ones ;D


Review: SBS Gayo Daejun- Boys & Girls

Boys & Girls All Together Now!!


Review: 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun – The Ladies

2009 has really been a great year for K-Pop Idol lovers (me being extremely happy), we got the emergence 2NE1, the powerful 2PM, the super sexy MBLAQ (minus Cheundong, he’s just too cute), T-ara, 4minute, BEAST, and…MANY MORE that I’m sure of lol.


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Big Bang & Park Bom!?? UVERworld+Brown Eyed Girls

park bomNot as in together lol. Sorry for the mini-spazz moment.