Review: GD&TOP’s GD & TOP Vol. 1 album

I can just feel y’all rolling your eyes at me at GD & TOP’s album name. But come on, really, does anyone else know the title of this album??! Haha, I’ve heard some people referring to it as High High but I think that was just the name of the digital single they released prior to the album. But would a rose called by any other name not smell as sweet?? (I think that’s how the quote goes haha haven’t read Shakespeare in a while, so forgive my social faux pas). What I’m trying to say is the album is still great despite what it might be called, so let’s begin with the reviewing process.


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Current Playlist Session #2

So if you’ve read my blog before, I have a monthly section where I review the top 10 songs I’ve been listening to lately. I did one for February and now here’s my list for March. So in no particular order here we go.


Review: One Way’s Oneway Street Mini Album

I’m totally late to the One Way wave, everywhere I go on the cybernetic world people are talking about them! And I didn’t even know anything about them! So I gathered as much info as I could, on the members their positions and their just released mini album. I gotta say I’m not blown away but these guys definitely have the potential.


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Review: Outsider’s Vol. 2.5 The Outsider Mini Album

I’ve learned there is more to the Korean music scene besides attractive and funny idols, and the “more” just happens to be speed rapper Outsider. I’ve been listening to his album way too much for it to be considered healthy and I feel it’s genius must be shared with the world.


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Korean hip-hop…

It’s been doing WONDERS for my sanity these last few days. Especially Outsider whose new album was just released the other day. I’m going to be a doing a review of the album, but for now I wanna get in to the specifics of Korean hip-hop, or my lack of knowledge in said specifics on theĀ  subject.