So I was born in Lima, Peru and I’m a k-pop and j-pop enthusiast. Almost near obsession. I’ve even stopped listening to my native Spanish music!! Haha kidding I never listened to that much anyway XP much to my mother’s dismay.

For those who might ask how I, a Peruvian (with Italian, Chinese and black roots) who late moved to South Florida at the tender age of four, got so into J-pop and K-pop here’s the story:

My best friend, who’s full name shall be kept confidential, O, and I were really into Inuyasha (ughh I know!!) and she loved the ending theme song, which I now know was Ayumi Hamasaki’s epic single Dearest, but she was touched enough to actually get into that world. I wasn’t that inspired by the song, it was pretty I do admit but it just wasn’t something I would listen to by myself.

A few years go by and now we are in August of 2007, a mutual friend of O and I, T was obsessed with the Queen of J-Pop, understandably. But he was complaining to me over AIM about how this “hoe” Koda Kumi (now affectionally referred to as Kuu from now onwards) was stealing Ayu’s spotlight.

I wasn’t once to judge his little world so I asked how so and he sent me a link to ‘Shake It’ by Koda Kumi. If you are tempted to look that video up I can only say: DON’T. Not a good introduction to her music. I full-heartedly agreed with him in calling her a trashy Japanese Christina Aguilera during her Dirrrty era (without the amazing singing chops of course.)

But then curiosity got the best of me. I had to see what else this ‘hoe’ had done. And then I discovered ‘Someday’ from her BEST ~second session~ era, and I fell head over heels in love. I had never heard anything so beautiful where everything seemed to just fit. The jazzy background, the flow of the choruses and verses, and of course Kuu’s unique voice. I was instantly in love, and she even kept her clothes on a majority of the time! ❤

From then on, I got into Ayumi Hamasaki later, and understood why she’s the Queen of J-Pop, then later Namie Amuro, from then on discovering some other artists such as UVERworld, YUI, mihimaru GT, Aqua Timez, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, FLOW, KAT-TUN, Crystal Kay, Orange Range, Yuna Ito, Do As Infinity, m-flo, and of course Tohoshinki (or DBSK).

Tohoshinki is what got me into the Korean music industry. At first I denied it vehemently, because J-Pop was obviously SO MUCH better (-rolls eyes at immature and embarassing past behavior-). But then Mirotic came out and I actually added it to my IPod. It’s actually now almost a year after they released that song that I got so into K-Pop, it’s all I listen to at the moment.

Maybe it’s the influx of catchy danceable Korean pop that these girl groups a la Mr. by KARA, or Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls, or the catchy Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) by SNSD, but  anyway they all have me hooked, or the amazingly sexy 2PM, adorable SHINee, or quantity of Super Junior.

But now I’d addicted. This is the end of my post, just wanted to let people know what this blog will deal with primarily, first and foremost, Korean and Japanese music and then music news such as K-Pop and J-Pop observations. I hope that people will like it.

Mucho love, Ale

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  1. Just added you to my blogroll! 😀

    • Aww thank you =D

  2. I really like your blog and point of view, do you want to exchange blog links? ^_^

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