Koreans going Japanese: 4minute & KARA

Ok, we get it, the Korean market has gotten so saturated with girl groups there has to be some who go off and make something of themselves a la TOHOSHINKI…not that worked out completely well in the end… (*goes off to corner to sulk*).

Hopefully 4minute and KARA’s management teams have learned from SM.

Ok, so KARA and 4minute have officially debuted in Japan with their previous hit singles. Actually this is 4minute’s second Japanese release after Muzik, so I’m going to start off with the 4minute girls.

BTW This is the Korean version of the song, but since the videos are the same it’s ok. Damn those Japanese always deleting their videos off youtube >.<

Love the video…as for the song…

4minute with I My Me Mine (CD only cover above) sold about 4,724 copies in the first week, debuting at the #26 rank on the Oricon Singles Weekly Chart. I My Me Mine debuted on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart at #22. Faring much worse than Muzik (Japanese Version), which came in at #16 on Oricon Daily Singles Chart and #21 on the Oricon Single Weekly Chart.

I My Me Mine CD+DVD Version A

I totally understand why their new songs aren’t doing as well in Japan as they did in Korea. There’s only one reason really that should be obvious to everyone, fitting the Japanese into the original Korean song is AWKWARD. I could barely get past the first chorus of the Japanese versions of Muzik and I My Me Mine, and I loved the originals too much to let these into my heart.

I My Me Mine CD+DVD Version B

However, after listening to the I My Me Mine single I realized that these girls have something going for them (besides the totally BEAUTIFUL covers, hehe was it that obvious that I want everyone to see them?). Their brand new song, b-side on the I My Me Mine Japanese single, グッバイ (Goodbye), which was NEVER recorded in Korean, is absolutely LOVELY.

So my recommendation to help these lovely ladies do better is just to get yourself a Japanese song writer and keep this sound you’re going with!

Now onto KARA!

I love that the butt dance is now immortalized through video! I wish they had switched up some outfits though, the green army ones were awesome especially since each girl had one that fit her style. As for the others, DSP could have shelled out some money, come on!

ミスター (Mister) CD only version

KARA made their official Japanese debut with the release of ミスター (Mister), which has already debuted at the #5 position on the Oricon Daily Charts! CRAZY. It’s totally the butt dance I think LOL. And I have always had this suspicions that the Japanese would adore these girls. They also have another little thing on their side…

ミスター (Mister) CD+Photo book Version

The little thing is…I’m gonna come out and say it. I LOVE ミスター (Mister) and I’m not talking about the original (and obviously superior) Korean version either. The Japanese version is actually GOOD. Like really good in my opinion too. They got themselves a really good Japanese songwriter!

ミスター (Mister) CD+DVD Version

Let’s not forget the fact that they have a pretty strong fan following in Japan. I knew people knew of them but I never knew they were this popular! Something these beautiful girls don’t have going for them though is the covers (so boring after seeing 4minute’s).

Another thing is their lackluster b-side for their  ミスター (Mister) single, アンブレラ (Umbrella), the Japanese version of Umbrella off their Lupin mini-album, which I didn’t care for then and don’t care much for now. But I’m pretty sure the Japanese will eat it up, it sounds like something that should have been on a Sailor Moon soundtrack.

Hopefully next single both KARA and 4minute will give us completely new Japanese songs, but so far I’m loving both girl groups in Japan. Can’t wait for SNSD to join them! >.<

Who do you think is going to make the biggest impact on Japan? My money’s on SNSD mostly because they have 9 group members and we all know how the Japanese feel about a large amount of pretty girls in one group. AKB48 anybody?


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  2. actually,kpop..was a good magazines..but u must get in more news about korean singer…

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