SHINee Releases Lucifer MV

*Sigh* Oh SM…why is it you hate Key so much!!?? I swear all the other guys have nothing they can’t recover from, Taemin can just cut his hair, Jonghyun can lay off the gel, Onew can stop parting his hair that way, and Minho looks quite normal aside from the outfit.

This ^ REALLY??? Well, whatever, SM is really lucky that Key is diva enough to pull that off only, but only then because he’s as confident as he is.

I actually have to go out and say I even prefer the curly blond perm during last year’s Juliette days. And NO Asian man should ever have a perm…

Yes Key we shed tears for you too!

Aside from the aesthetics of the music video, I like the song, I don’t love it quite yet but I’m sure I will, SHINee rarely lets me down musically.I’ve been listening to their album since yesterday and I enjoy it! Jonghyun’s voice is amazing but Onew really impressed me on this latest album, I suggest everyone check it out!

Anyone else have thoughts of their comeback?

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  1. Well… I believe their comeback is amazing! I also believe your the DUMBEST PEICE OF SHIT your dumbass MOMMA could possibly give birth to… I do not understand why she didn’t suffercate you the minute she saw you… I would have~ No one gives a flying rats ass what you think ESPECIALLY about SHINee… Oh yea… Key can fall off the ends of the earth, explode and DIE and no one, NO ONE, would give a rats ass!!!!! But you can shove that as far up your ass as possible but i do not believe there is one since your nothing but ASS!!!! ❀

  2. I apologize for the…..rude, to say the least, comment from “Your Mom.” It was unacceptable and…crude. Though, I do have to note the bias towards Key which she obviously rather despises. I think Key does pull off the hair though awkwardly at first. I must also say that Jonghyun’s hair is adorably sexy and I can’t complain about Taemin’s sexy cut. Neither can I object to Onew’s part or Minho’s wardrobe. I quite enjoyed the video and their looks. The song too captured me, musically and also my friend which was only stated with strong language. I really can’t say anything to make up for my friend’s comment but I can say that I’m really very sorry and that everyone is in fact entitled to their opinion. She just has a strong way of showing it for which I truly apologize.

    • I also presently apologize for any other obscene and very rude comments you may recieve. Please do not feel regretful of your reveiw of SHINee; the comments are mostly a bored fan with a bias against Key. I feel that I have the obligation to apologize now for anything you may recieve in crude or obscene language or insulting. It is improper and just right out wrong but the sender is truly offended and I deeply apologize for that. There’s nothing much I can say to right these actions of my impulsive, deeply offended friend but I do apologize and hope you understand the obligation–for lack of better words–of a fan to their favorite band. It is childish and rude but I really do apologize for my friend’s behavior. >.<

  3. Hello~! I have to say i LOVED the video and can’t wait to see all of the others… I’m sorry to say though that i do not like Key but am in love with Jonghyun! He is supper adorable and i can’t wait to see him in concert!!! Even though you insulted basically everyone BUT Key kinda upsets me and i hope you’ll escuse that but i think Key is basically useless… he has a kinda nice voice though! Anyway, i don’t like your comment on all the other members but what can one do?

  4. *ahem* I believe you are the dumbest person to EVER write a review for a band… How can you like Key!?!?! Especially like that!? He’s HIDEOUS!!!!! But i guess it takes an ugly person to like another right? As a great singer once said, “Run and tell that, run and tell that, run and tell that… SO dumb, SO dumb, SO dumb…” But what evs… just my opinion… and if you cant read between the lines im saying yours SUCKS!!!

  5. Your opinion is a peice of CRAP! Do us all a favor and go fuck yourself… Wait nevermind just go jump off a really REALLY tall building! >don’t really< If you have a dick i will chop it off and shove it so far down your throat you'll never want to eat again! I hope your mom is proud because no one is, esp. for just knowing you. I don't care what these other dumb fucks say, your opinion needs to throw itself out of a moving train then shoot itself because no one gives a fuck! Sorry i just don't really like you, and if ever you i would kick you in the nuts! Even if you don't have any… Which you prob don't~ but hey your anatomy doesn't matter to me! Just stop being a douche about random crap you have no idea about!!! Have a nice life!

    • Same IP address as the last 5 something comments lol.


  7. I think Keys haircut is really great!!! I love his hair πŸ™‚ that’s my opinion πŸ™‚

  8. You know that it was key himself that wanted to shave his hair ?
    and it was so sexy ❀ ^.^

    • He always works whatever style he has ;D

  9. hi key ilove u me too

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