Review: 4minute’s Hit Your Heart Mini Album

Ohmygoshers, I’m back! It’s been so long since I’ve even updated my blog, poor thing was getting neglected. In favor of what you ask? My life

Psh ROFL almost got you there, those things are hard to come by!

Ok, truthfully, I’ve just been lazy since getting out of school.  I have no excuses, I repent!

And as penance comes my long overdue review of 4minute’s latest endeavor into the K-Pop world!

In the words of Hyuna: Let’s get let’s get let’s get started!

To ease back into the flow of reviewing, this review won’t be as rambly as my others, it will be curt and to the point, no use beating around the bushes.

Who’s Next? (Feat. Beast) – I listened to this track 1 time, and even that was too many times. It sounds like it could be promising at the beginning with that distinct drum and trumpet beats, but after a while it just annoys me. It also feels crowded. I don’t like the rap, the singing, or anything about this really.


Huh – Not an amazing song, but it is a grower and even then you know it isn’t a GREAT song. I really enjoy Hyuna’s rap. Maybe some of this song but not that much. It’s fun when watched, when simply listening to it, it doesn’t engender the energy one would feel when watching the video or the dynamic performances. It’s still the best song on the album though.


Invitation – I couldn’t help but kinda enjoy this. It’s really laid back in the beginning but you can feel the song slowly gaining power as it approaches the chorus.The denouement and steady rise from 2:20-2:44 is really well done, but I still feel like the songs on this mini album are way too…lacking in energy for the girls.


I My Me Mine -I like the harsh electronic synths at the beginning and I don’t really mind the noise and the auto-tune, this track has the inherent energy that 4minute should always have! Not some ghetto ass attitude that doesn’t even deliver that much! Yes, I’m talking about you Huh. This song is fun! Very electronic and just SO 4minute, I love it.


Bababa – Ugh, do NOT like. The song is meant to be pretty and sweet and upbeat. But to me its just a messy song.

RATING: 2.5/5

Highlight –We get that energy that’s been missing from most of the former part of this mini album. Truthfully, I really don’t wanna listen to this farther than the 1:00 minute mark.


태연하게 당연하게/Easily Taken For Granted – This song sounds really mature and you can tell the girls are trying to do something special with it but they lack the maturity (and vocals) to carry something like this off.But the entirety of the song isn’t horrible, definite points for effort.

RATING: 3.5/5

I don’t even care how badass they’re looking, this mini album is kinda a huge miss. I didn’t enjoy much of it, but I like the girls and their attitude and energy. So therefore, I’m think I’m a little biased in their favor.


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  1. A huge mess indeed. I didn’t even attempt sticking my hands into this album for a review. I like to stay clean, thank you very much.

    “I My Me Mine” is the only one I liked. The rest can pretty much suck it.

  2. Welcome back (sorta?)! I’ve been really lazy, myself. I’ve tried putting some reviews together, but I’m just a big epic fail right now. Also, partly because kpop hasn’t supplied me with amazing content lately. Oh god, 2NE1, hurry the hell up already!

    • I know seriously where is 2NE1?? I’m still listening to and loving their mini-album a year later!!

  3. […] I made no secret of my dislike for their 2nd mini-album Hit Your Heart, but I did praise I My Me Mine. And now looks like the girls have taken the advice and gone and […]

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