Who Disappointed More?

I have to admit, I’m a bigger 4minute fan than I am a Wonder Girls fan. I think the Wonder Girls are catchy but ultimately kinda boring music-wise. I think 4minute’s music is catchier and way more fun and high energy.

So here comes the showdown!

4minute’s HUH (Hit Your Heart) vs. Wonder Girls 2 Different Tears

Truthfully, I only have 2 songs from 4minute on my iPod, Muzik and For Muzik, so I’m not even an ardent fan. I believe they cover themselves up with WAY too much auto-tune and synthesizers but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the girls (at least Jiyoon and Hyuna) are dynamic and entertaining.

Concept wise: I love the whole badass biker chick look going on. But I still think its following the whole “dark and tough” theme that’s dominated K-Pop these past few months.

Music wise, I think both songs are disappointing. But I give 4minute props for not covering themselves up in auto-tune and synthesizers this time around, but I guess solely relying on their vocals and energy of the song wasn’t enough this time around. The song isn’t horrible but considering that it was meant to be their grand return to the K-Pop scene and the anticipation surrounding it I was expecting more.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to their entire mini-album yet but I’m kind of dreading/putting it off. So under those circumstances I don’t think that’ll be my comeback to reviews just yet.

Now onto the WONDER GIRLS!! (Saying it all JYP style).

I don’t necessarily love their music, I find them catchy, and I do like Nobody and Tell Me, but I don’t find them all that fierce together. I think Yenny is amazing and has great potential solo, same with Sunye. I hate that their being restrained from letting it all out. The cute but simplistic choreography does nothing for them! I’ve seen Sunye work it, so I wish JYP would let his little “catchy tune+catchy SIMPLE choreo=MAJOR $ success” mindset go.

Concept wise I think the Wonder Girls did phenomenally. The 80s outfits and the multicolored leotards and the whole Charlie’s Angels and alien theme throughout the music video was very ingenious and innovative. I thought it was a breath of fresh air in the overly saturated concepts lingering in the world of K-Pop.

As for the song…I find small certain parts of the song good, like right before the dance break and when Yubin says ‘Come here boy.’ Other than that the song is hit no special chord within me. Though I will say Yenny deserves better material for that amazing voice of hers!!

The verdict, I, personally, am more disappointed with 4minute’s Huh because I was expecting SO much more from them. At least I kinda like 2 Different Tears and there’s some good vocals (thanks to Sunye and Yenny) to appreciate. 4minute keeps Gayoon’s vocals from shining and gives me an over hashed ‘I got attitude and swagga’ beat that never gets any faster or reaches a climax. So frustrating!!

So what’s everyone else think of the two songs? Do you love them, do you hate them, or are you just indifferent?

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  1. What are u doing??
    why u have to write a blog like this.
    U will gonna make fan-war…
    Weell, personally..
    2DT of WG is quite catchy. Showing their vocal’s ability a bit more. What make special is 2DT different with the other WG’s kind of type songs. It’s brand new for them, and it’s retro.. U cannot forget that retro is their speciallity..
    As for 4 Minute,,Well,,Let’s people judges it.
    But please,,this blog can make fan-war.. U should be wise when u want to write something.. That’s entertainment’s world,,not everything is good or bad.. Even in reality not everything is good or bad..
    Thx.. 🙂

    • Fan-war ohmystars? I didn’t even mean the post to cause any of that. That’d be entertaining to watch, though. Honestly, I’m not very invested in either group I’m just an unbiased 3rd party. I even bash my own favorite groups if they release something I don’t like. I didn’t think much of it, I’m just sharing my thoughts on the songs.

    • Actually, if you think this is starting a fanwar, you obviously haven’t been to other blogs where they really bash and compare. ¬_¬

  2. […] I really like how badass the video is!! 4minute is back in the running, because the more I watch the video the more I like the song (damn conditioning)! And I like a song […]

  3. I understand you alright, that’s my girl group list goes: 4minute, Wonder Girls, T-ara, SNSD.

    I’m not surprised 2 Different Dears is another retro pop theme because that’s the style that JYP has permanently given to them ever since they did so well with Tell Me.

    Don’t you feel the video had a Charlie Angels/Austin Powers feel to it?

    So I pretty much love both but I like Huh more.

    • Yeah I like Huh more now that their video came out and I’ve seen them performing it. So much ghetto and attitude I love it. Makes the Wonder Girls look kinda stale unfortunately.

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