Return of the Super Rookies of 2010

It’s so hard to believe that they debuted just earlier this year! As for their new mini-album coming out soon, I cannot be more excited! I absolutely adored their last mini-album, that came out just 4 shorts months ago if you think about it.

Anyway the boys are returning and hopefully their will be no plagiarism accusations hurled at them a la 외톨이야/I’m a Loner, especially since this track revealed by the company was composed and written Jung Yonghwa! *Insert momentary fangirl squeal* I have a very SMALL crush on him…Yeah I didn’t even manage to fool myself with that one.

Now about the song, 사랑 빛/Love Light, it’s very nice and mellow and just absolutely perfect for CNBLUE. I couldn’t envision any other artists in South Korea performing this song.

The song sounds so Hawaiian tropical vacation. I could totally see the song on a soundtrack of a movie, definitely a rom-com, and it would be played in the ending credits through  a montage where the main character’s pictures of their vacation is being displayed happily, despite the hardships they went through.

Haha, getting ahead of myself huh? Anyway, that was just me describing the feel of the song. I also love the kind of tongue-in-cheek quality the song had in the lyrics with Jung Yonghwa poking fun at his virtual wife, Seohyun of SNSD fame, with the whole I’m a genie for you girl reference.

While I can’t say I’m head of heels in love with the song, I really enjoy it, and I can see myself definitely listening to it when I’m in a really chill mood. BUT I cannot wait for their title track to come out. I think my first real review of the summer will be their new mini-album Bluelove.

All those CNBLUE fangirls bear with me!!

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