Mini Op-Ed: I Wanna Love f(x)

As the title of this post suggests, I really do wanna love f(x), I really really do! I’ll start off by mentioning why.

First of all, they’re a super solid group. Luna and Krystal maintain the vocals standards of the group, more so Luna than the latter, but still the girls vocals still rank higher on the vocal quality scale. And none of the other girls are so bad that you can’t stand listening to them, as long as Sulli can hold a note for a few seconds we’re all good.

Speaking of Sulli, the girl is just TOO cute. That’s what she brings to the group, she’s not the best dancer and she’s definitely not the best singer, but she’s adorable.

Leader Victoria is busting out those acrobatics like its nobody’s business and doing stuff with her legs I couldn’t even dream, she’s so cool.

Also, all of them are good dancers, there’s no one who distracts you with how not in sync they are. Lastly, Amber’s rapping is good, not spectacular but good.

SM clearly intended for these girls to be able to do it all, so it is beyond my level of comprehension as to why they would stick them with songs like LA chA TA and Chu~<3, songs that we all know (and I’m pretty sure they know) are not hit songs. LA chA TA was ok, not amazing, but it was catchy and easy listening, I’d give it a 3.5/5, just barely scraping into my iPod. As for the ridiculous auto-tune behemoth that was Chu~<3…just no. I kinda gave up on them after that. I mean how does one come back from something like that??

I’ve been super busy lately with everything in my life that I hadn’t even really paid attention to anything in the world of K-Pop just a few peeks into some news sites for big stuff. And then suddenly there they are! f(x)! With a funkier comeback than their last one.

Yes, it is possible.

Leader Victoria looking very grunge but in a fierce way.

Luna rocking the dark and mysterious look.

Krystal looking way too sexy for her age! Seriously SM STOP! She’s not even 16 yet!

I think they’re trying to make Sulli relate to the general public by making her look worse than usual.

Amber looking pretty ~~

I’m kind of liking the new concept despite its strangeness, it’s new but as long as they don’t make it ridiculous and maintain the edgy characteristics I think it’d totally work.

The song sounds like it could go either way, I’m even going to try and hold out any expectations for it truthfully. I just want it out so I can deduce whether I like it or not and move on with my life. f(x) can’t keep playing these games with my heart I tell you!

How’s everyone else feel about their comeback?

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  1. Their visual concept is very edgy. I really like the photography.Over exposed grunge photo’s are always a win.

    I have to agree. The only thing worse about Sulli’s unflattering wig is that yellow extension. And yes, they should stop making Krystal look so seductive, it’s creepy.

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