Relapse into K-Pop: Gummy, 2PM, Hyuna and Nassun

So I’ve been away from the world of K-Pop for TOO LONG in my opinion (a week is a LONG TIME for me). And in that time I feel like a year has passed in K-Pop time I swear! It’s like in those movies with alternate universes, where you feel you’ve been gone for years but you’ve only been gone for a like a millisecond in reality!

Maybe because two pretty big artists had releases in the week that I was completely unaware of.

Let’s start off with Gummy’s (AMAZING) new song, 사랑은 없다/There is No Love.

Admittedly, when I first heard the beginning I was displeased with the auto-tune in her voice, but as the song progressed it gained this power that had to be released in a gratifying climax near the end. It took me until the second listen to realize I completely and utterly loved it. I’m so excited for her mini-album LOVELESS being released this week! Definitely on my to do list for reviews.

Next song is 황야의 무법자/Outlaw in the Wild by Hyuna and Nassun for E-TRIBE’s special album.

I liked the idea of this song more than I’ll admit but when it actually came time to listen to, I wasn’t left a happy camper. Granted there were certain nuances of the song that were good but the rest kinda annoyed me! The video makes me laugh though, it’s totally ridiculous!

And last on the list is Without U by 2PM.

I’ve listened to the song like 3 times and I’m loving the choreography but the song isn’t something that is a MUST HAVE on my iPod. It’s good just not as good as I was expecting for their comeback. Their mini-album is general was kinda lackluster at first listen, I’ll get to reviewing that in about a week.

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  1. Without U is still hard for me to listen too, I loved Heartbeat and Again & Again.

    • I’m so super late to responding to this and I’m so sorry, but I love you and your blogs! I follow you on Tumblr and absolutely love your posts. Again, so sorry for not responding till now 😦

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