Review: Ayumi Hamasaki Rock’n’Roll Circus

What is about to ensue is probably the quickest most expedient review I have ever done on my blog. Courtesy of Ayu’s newest album dropping the 14th.

The reason is both because I have school work to get to but I still have thoughts on her latest musical endeavors.

THE introduction – The intro while not impressive on its own, completely accomplishes its task of setting the mood for the album. It feels foreboding and dark, and slightly sinister. But it does end on a more hopeful note. Also there is no singing at all throughout the intro, simply instrumentals. As far as Ayu intro’s go this isn’t that special. Bridge to the Sky, from her last album, was by far superior.

Microphone THE introduction does lead quite amazingly into Microphone though. A very hard rock song with foreboding undertones, and the same sinister feel as the intro. I remember not being very impressed with the song when I first listened to it but I’m enjoying it quite a bit now.


count down – Foreboding overtones through a dark piano melody…hmm I wonder how much longer this prevalent theme will last. Mind you, I’m really liking it though. Another rock song where she wails her frustrations out. Joy. Once you get to the chorus though the song starts to get some legs and the song is not that bad. A little dull and forgettable but not bad.

RATING: 3.5/5

Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ – Not as bad as its ADHD twin but ugh…No. I just don’t like it. I never heard lyrics be so forced into a song before in my life. I must admit that the piano melody definitely makes the song bearable though.


BALLAD – I already reviewed the song here and in context of the album, I’m liking it more. A definite step up from the last few tracks. I love the Asian inspired instrumentals in this. She sounds so good with them.


Last Links – I’m in love with the first 22 seconds before she begins singing, the acoustic guitar is so beautiful and it feels so rustic and while at first I didn’t like her voice accompanying the music, I’ve deduced that I do like it. Up until the chorus where I feel she gets a little muddled. Other than that I really like this song. A lot.


montage – Twinkling and a distant chiming clock is heard. Add in some suspenseful music and you’ve got this lackluster interlude leading you into the next track.

Don’t look back – I love the instrumentals in this song a lot, it’s very Arabic tinged and has some violins intertwined with a pulsing synths and its simply a very exotic sound. At first I wasn’t really feeling it because of her vocal quality, but now I’m kinda fascinated by the song. The message of the song also perturbs me, the idea of never going back to what once used to be, I sense an internal struggle within Ayu to move past her past musical achievements (her “Golden Era”), the music video also gives great insight into the idea of the song.

RATING: 4.5/5

Jump! – Completely unnecessary, as was montage.

Lady Dynamite – The song feels like someone is trying desperetly to do some club inspired music with energy but Ayu kinda fails at it. What I mean by fails it that the only good part is the rushed chorus, it’s hard to get into it. The video is fun though and so are the lyrics.


Sexy little things – I’m not a fan of 8-bit songs as a whole really. It feels like someone put this girl in a video game and I’m not really feeling it, there are some parts that are good like the techno logic delivered chorus and the little auto-tuned part before it. The lyrics are total love though, very my name’s WOMEN. It’s like I’m hot and I’m not dumb like you think I am, you can’t touch this.

RATING: 2.5/5

Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ – The ADHD twin has risen, like a fairy was just born, but not in a good way. It starts off awkwardly though.


meaning of Love – It starts off with some potential because the melody behind it is beautiful and unique but Ayu’s vocals and consistency throughout the song just makes the song dull.


You were… – Already reviewed it and truthfully this song isn’t even worth my time, that’s how little I care for it.


RED LINE ~for TA~ (album version) – Not very different from the original at all, a little longer if anything but nothing noticeable. I still enjoy this song though, and not a bad choice to end the album on a hopeful note, forward looking song. It’s sure to raise your spirit and has a cheery melody with catchy chorus.


The album in summary didn’t impress me though I did find a few hidden gems in Last Links and count down. They might not be spectacular but they were definitely worthy of a listen.


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  1. Nice review, unfortunately the only song I like is Last Links.

    • thank you =D

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