Music Moment: BRIGHT

A girl group that I like isn’t hard to find, I really love 2NE1 and After School. I really enjoy SNSD, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, 4minute. And I enjoy some tunes from f(x) and T-ara at times.

BUT a girl group in Japan?? Never had one!

Until BRIGHT that is.

So I needed a musical escape today and I decided to jump back into the J-Pop scene to see what I had been missing. I’ve been listening to some recommended artists that I had never had any particular interest towards, which is how I discovered Kana Nishino in February who is hands down my current favorite female artist in Japan right now.

So I decided to give it a try again today. And this is how I came upon BRIGHT. I usually ignore girl groups in Japan COMPLETELY. Sorry to offend fans of said girl groups but they’re all the same to me. AKB48, Morning Musume, C-ute, or whatever generic skirt wearing squeaky voiced lolita girl group is out there.

So I rolled my eyes as I went to check out BRIGHT. And I was actually pleasantly surprised. BRIGHT actually has a set number of members, who are not prancing around to cater to the older men crowd in school outfits, and they’re actually vocally talented! I know, SHOCKING.

Their songs are a perfect in between of pop and R&B, without coming off as too girly pop and it’s definitely not monotonous. Every song of theirs is different in structure and elements, truly showcasing their versatility as singers, and not just idol girl group members.

The first song I listened to by them was キライ…でも好き ~アイシテル~ (Kirai… Demo Suki ~Aishiteru~; I Hate You…But I Like You ~I Love You~).

Albeit, the beginning was so generic to me and I was almost tempted to just stop, but I was curious as to where the song was going. By the time the song came to an end, I could tell I liked the song. And by the second listen I was in love.

I also highly recommend 言葉にできなくて (Kotoba ni Dekinakute).

I feel like these girls are just way too talented to go by unnoticed and they need way more attention, so hopefully, they’ll get their big break soon.

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  1. i LOVE BRIGHT <333
    They deserve HUGE popularity.xD

    • They really do!! Gosh they’re so talented especially in the vocal area.

  2. i very BRIGHT i love everything in JAPAN. Cus they are so different artist. i think that. ^__^

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