After School: The 4th Generation

So I’ve decided to do a special today on After School, my 2nd favorite girl group (musically speaking). I’ve been around K-Pop since July of 2009 but I got into After School before that, in March of 2009 actually! With their hit song AH! I didn’t know who they were I just knew that I liked their song, it wasn’t overly cute pop and it wasn’t too dance/electronica, it was just right and super catchy.

Unfortunately not many have been able to get to know the group with all the constantly shifting members, so if you’re new to After School this is going to be salvation for you!

1st Generation

L-R: Soyoung, Jungah, Jooyeon, Bekah, and Leader Gahee

I actually used to have the HARDEST time telling Jungah and Gahee apart! Ok, so first generation included these five girls/women. Bekah actually used to be the maknae too!

  • Name: Park Jiyoung
  • Stage Name: Park Gahee
  • Birthday: December 25th, 1980 (29)
  • Height: 168 cm (around 5’6)
  • Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper & Co-Choreographer

Leader Gahee had been a backup dancer for BoA and many other artists until she finally decided at the ripe age of 28 to be part of a girl group in Pledis Entertainment. She’s an AMAZING dancer and she’s not an amazing singer but she’s decent, and she even produced a song for the girls (When I Fall). An all around talent in my books. She’s also fierce as hell! I dedicated a post to her awesomeness here.

  • Name: Kim Jungah
  • Stage Name: Jungah
  • Birthday: August 2nd, 1983 (26)
  • Height: 167 cm (around 5’6)
  • Position: Main Vocalist

I really like Jungah she’s seems very sweet and mild-tempered yet she works it on stage like no other! She’s the 2nd best dancer in the group after Gahee and she used to be lead vocals before Raina joined. She has a very deep husky voice and she’s even sung a solo OST before, not an amazing song but really cute.

  • Name: Kim Jungah
  • Stage Name: Jooyeon
  • Birthday: March 19th, 1987 (23)
  • Height: 168 cm (around 5’6)
  • Position: Vocalist

Jooyeon is SO pretty. She actually used to be an ulzzang, literally meaning “best face”, they’re people who become popular through social networking sites solely for being pretty. I don’t think she’s a great singer but I don’t cringe listening to her and I find her really cute and funny. Oh and she does magic tricks.

  • Name: Yoo Sooyoung
  • Stage Name: Sooyoung
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Height: Unknown
  • Position: Vocalist

Soyoung was a vocalist in After School who left right before their comeback in November due to health reasons.

  • Name: Rebekah Kim
  • Stage Name: Bekah
  • Birthday: August 11th, 1989 (20)
  • Height: 168 cm (around 5’6)
  • Position: Rapper & Vocalist

Definitely my favorite in the group, she seems so carefree and chill. She’s a fierce as hell rapper and she even used to be the maknae for a short time. She was born in Hawaii to Korean parents and has been in Korea since she was 16. She’s one of the fiercest girls in K-Pop but unfortunately there’s not much attention or limelight on her, though she definitely deserves it!

2nd Generation

There seemed to be a color explosion when the girls came back with new member UEE and a new track called Diva.

Honestly I didn’t like her, I didn’t like the song, and she added nothing dynamic to the group but people, ahem I mean men, just went crazy over this girl!

  • Name: Kim Yoojin
  • Stage Name: UEE
  • Birthday: April 9th, 1988 (21)
  • Height: 171 cm (around 5’7)
  • Position: Vocals

UEE was also the one who got promoted the most. She was on We Got Married, CFs, variety shows galore, and finally a really popular drama, You’re Beautiful, which is when I finally started to warm up to her (cough when I realized she wasn’t a robot…since you know she NEVER showed any emotion on stage).

When they were finally heading in the right direction…

3rd Generation

BOOM Sooyoung leaves to go to school and for health reasons. Nana and Raina are in!

And during this time After School explodes in popularity with their single album, 너 때문에/Because of You.

I like Nana! Even though all she really does is stand there and look pretty she has this indescribable charm to her, I think she adds a very cute feminine touch the group. She’s also the maknae for now being born in 1991.

  • Name: Im Jinah

Raina really brought new dynamics to the group becoming the new lead vocals, definitely gives much depth to After School’s songs. I can’t wait to hear more from her!

  • Name: Oh Hyerin

4th Generation

And here we are today. We’ve all been hearing rumors about it but now they’re confirmed. After School has another new member. Gosh they’re collecting new members like Brangelina collect kids, I swear. Anywho, hopefully this girl can sing and can help out Jungah and Raina in the singing the department.

  • Name: Sooyoung
  • Stage Name: Lizzy
  • Birthday: 1992
  • Height: 168 cm (5’6)
  • Position: Vocals

She’s the new cute maknae! I just hope she brings something new to the table truthfully. And I hope After School stays stable for a while. I wouldn’t be able to handle a 5th generation this quickly. This ain’t Degrassi!

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  1. Oh god! So many members >.< But they make really good music. I'm looking forward to their upcoming song 😀 The teaser was awesome.

    • I’m surprised I remember them all! >.< If I put as much effort into school work as I do learning and memorizing K-Pop Idol group members names I'd be a straight A student LOL. The teaser WAS AMAZING. I'm so hyped.

  2. Lizzy is cute and can sing, they should give her alot of opportunities

    • I agree! I liked her version of Take A Bow, and she’s a good dancer. Hopefully she’ll get to sing UEE’s part since UEE is going to be off filming her drama.

  3. The amount of members is so confusing.. I’m going to have a hard time blogging about them >.<

  4. After School is so cool!teehee! 🙂


    • They really did good at adding her to the group!

  6. You’re going to have to write a new generation because a new member is in (:

    • OMG I still can’t believe it 😦 Though E-young is incredibly talented, I wish Pledis left a good thing untouched because After School with the 8 members was doing really well.

  7. But now Bekah is ‘graduating’ to go back to Hawaii and pursue her dream of being a designer. D:
    I’m sad she’s leaving AS but I feel happy that she can come back here to the US and do what she really wants to do :/

  8. hi after school. you are the best stars in Korea!

  9. hi! after school you are the best korean in stars

  10. I love you, so beautiful the best of korea 0 / /

  11. u dont like uee…awwwww i was really starting to love this site, bummer…i dont care what peeps think…uee is my bias and i love her…she is awesome…and i do love afterschool….also my 2nd fave girl group rite after 2ne1<3

    thanks for all the info…where is the update with eyoung

    • I like UEE now lol and I was thinking of doing an updated version with E-Young but I never really followed her much.

  12. well. we’re on to the 6th generation now. how’re you coping with it?? lol. =)

  13. As far as I know, After School is a group which use this “school” system. That’s why they keep adding and graduating the members, just like a school. But that’s just what I heard and read though, I don’t really know if they really use that system or not..

    ❤ After School ❤

  14. 人に活力を与えるような曲に作りに励んで欲しい♪

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