Review: Outsider’s Vol. 2.5 The Outsider Mini Album

I’ve learned there is more to the Korean music scene besides attractive and funny idols, and the “more” just happens to be speed rapper Outsider. I’ve been listening to his album way too much for it to be considered healthy and I feel it’s genius must be shared with the world.

달빛의 노래 (Intro)/Moonlight’s Song (Intro) – The lone piano starts off this intro and you literally feel the music. It sounds SO isolating, and you pick up faints sounds of the wind, then the orchestra comes in with their piano and it’s truly magnificent! Honestly, one of the best intros I’ve ever listened to. It’s very mature and unpretentious. I really love it. It’s a total prelude to what’s to come and it hides nothing, the emotions conveyed through the intro are exactly what you get from the album.

주변인/Acquaintance – From the first 2 seconds of the song I was hooked. The music box beginning just gives such history to the song, and then there’s a sped up piano melody from the intro with strong beats following Outsider’s fast rapping and it only increases as his rapping gets faster. There’s total congruency between his fast lyrics and the beats of the music, it’s so nice to listen to. And I’m not even a huge rap fan. Outsider seems to know his audience, he makes his music very melodic while not sacrificing his rap roots. I’m also loving the harmonizing heard in the background by some girl. Just totally addicting. And the music box makes a comeback near the end as well. Perfection.

I LOVE THE MUSIC VIDEO! So abstract and it totally gives you the feeling of living through his own twisted memories of love and just knlfnabufuiagdufi I really love it.


피에로의 눈물2 (feat. Gilme)/Piero’s Tears 2 (feat. Gilme) – Not my favorite song on the album I must admit and it seems misplaced on the mini-album. It starts off very strong, and gives off kind of an angry feeling. There’s Gilme singing in the song that actually gives the song some personality because the song contains no shifts at all when he’s just rapping. There’s some funky mixing with the vocals in the middle of the song. Truthfully this is just not something I like. I only like Gilme’s parts.


바람이 불면 너가 떠올라 (feat. Ilac)/I Think of You When the Wind Blows (feat. Ilac) – Very old school type of vibe to this song. Ilac’s singing in the beginning sets the tone to the song, it sounds very gentle and sweet. It’s totally a love song, but we’ve already deduced that from the title. Outsider actually does a considerably good job at being a romantic rapper, and Ilac’s singing for the chorus only adds to the beauty of this song. There’s also very interesting instrumentals to this song that I don’t even feel I can get into, I totally hear an electric guitar, there’s Outsider’s now classic piano melody, and an orchestra near the end. Overall, I think this is a great quality track.

RATING: 4.5/5

일장춘몽 (A Time-limited Life)/An Empty Dream (A Time-Limited Life) – Talk about transitions, I didn’t even realize this was a different song from the last because I Think of You When the Wind Blows blended in so well into this song. It starts off with the sound of an ocean very relaxing and then the piano melody comes in, then the beats, then Latin guitar strings get added into the mix. Very intricate and very well put together may I add. It all sounds well together, even when Outsider starts rapping. There’s someone singing over him faintly and it only lends to the effect of the song. It’s a long song but you don’t even notice because you’re so caught up in it. There’s a pretty long intro into the song and even an interlude in the middle, but it’s not distracting at all. It only adds.

RATING: 4.5/5

Overall I think Koreans need to start paying more attention to other artists besides their idols and their used to be idols gone solo. There’s obviously more good music out on the K-Pop music scene and they really need to embrace variety, I’m glad CNBLUE paved the way for an indie rock band, and now I hope Outsider helps pave the way for more rappers to come in to the scene now that it seems more accepting. Epik High is only going to help as well as soon as their new mini-album is released, I’m totally excited for more from all of them.


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  1. the music scene has changed so much

  2. When I first listened to Outsider’s latest single, I was lost for words. I can’t believe how swift his rapping is. And the fact that it gradually gets faster is amazing. I can’t even talk that fast IN MY OWN LANGUAGE! 😛

    Great reviews~! Are you going to review Epik High’s Epilogue? I’m thinking of it for my own blog 🙂

    • Thinking about it, I’ve been listening to it but I can’t seem to put into words what I felt was good or not. Hmm, I’ll check it out on your blog how’s that ;D

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