2PM Releases New CF Song & CF Song Rankings

Truthfully I was a little skeptical about this release, they had just released a song last week 오픈 해피니스/Open Happiness so I presumed this song would be bad, considering after a good CF song they come out with one not that good, but this one actually sounds really pretty and catchy, a lot better than BIGBANG’s recent Lollipop 2 (*SIGH* What a disappointment).

Ok so CF songs, they’ve been coming out like crazy lately, anyone notice? From 2NE1’s Try to Copy Me for Corby phones to 2PM’s Open Happiness for mini-Coke to BIGBANG’s Lollipop 2. As an avid K-Pop fan I’m ecstatic but that quickly fades when you realize that the song isn’t that great and you were just given a temporary filler song, or sometimes, rarely, it’s actually (insert gasp) a good song!

So in order to commemorate 2PM and BIGBANG’s recent releases I’ve made a ranking of my favorite CF songs.


1. Tik Tok by 2PM for Cass beer – 2PM truly ruled the CF songs this year, they just released their newest one called Follow Your Soul for OPPO Mobile Phone just now! Making it their 5th CF song in the last 3 months. And there in comes 2PM’s advantage having made 5 CF songs some just have to be good. This is one of them. It was strange at first listen but it grew on me so easily. It’s such a romantic R&B song and it’s so relaxed, something a 2PM fan like me can I appreciate since most of their songs have this underlying rushed feel. The production in this is amazing as well, I love the beeping sounds in the background, I love how this song is upbeat yet a ballad and so clandestine. It’s truly one of their best songs and very under appreciated in my opinion. The guys give spectacular performances, kudos 2PM. 1:58 to 2:11 is fave bit <33

2. Lollipop by BIGBANG & 2NE1 for Cyon Phones – I have such an an emotional attachment to this song that I couldn’t dream of putting it anywhere else! And when I listen to it I enjoy it, but a part of me realizes that it’s just a gratuitous song, both BIGBANG and 2NE1 in one song, how could anyone pass up such a song??

3. 오픈 해피니스/Open Happiness for Coca-Cola – I LOVE THIS SONG!! I’m currently obsessed with it. It’s so retro-pop and just so absfbaqi LOVE <333 It totally opened up some happiness in me I also love the barely heard beeps throughout the song and how the song ends with said unheard beeps. It’s such a unique song, I would have never thought of 2PM doing anything like it but it’s a welcome change, it sounds different than anything they’ve ever done and I think it gives them credibility as flexible singers.

4. Chocolate Love (Electropop version) by f(x) for LG Chocolate Phone – I don’t love this song but I like it and enjoy it, I also have to say its much better than that Chu~<3 song they released. It sounds so mature and cool, I love the cooing and seductive feel of it. It’s a great electronic track, which I wish they would have stuck with for their first single album.My fave bit is 2:31 to 2:59. So catchy and attention grabbing.


These will not be ranked, because I can’t tell which one I was more disappointed by honestly!

My Color by 2PM – Something about this song grosses me out. The only part I like is Chansung’s falsetto everything else just kinda irks me. It sounds so generic.

CRAZY4S by 2PM – I tried so hard to like it, I didn’t succeed. It doesn’t have the X-factor. There’s a nice flow in the verses but the chorus is just ehh. Nothing special here or nothing you’re missing in this song.

Chocolate Love (Retro Pop Version) by SNSD for LG Chocolate Phone – I preferred f(x)’s version to this once because this one lacks the excitement that should come with Chocolate Love but the song is still good nonetheless. It feels like their drawling the lyrics out and it’s just an ok song when they sing it.

Lollipop 2 by BIGBANG – It’s not something I can see myself listening to, it’s not horrible that I wanna turn it off or something, it’s just anti-climatic. The X-factor is missing, the chorus is just ehh, but I am going to give them mad props for being able to sing another song about a lollipop. I also have to admit there are small parts from the song I do like though.

Try to Copy Me by 2NE1 – I love me some 2NE1, but this song did nothing for me. I don’t think it’s horrible but it’s just nothing special so I don’t get the whole hoopla surrounding it in Korea with it being number 1 and everything and them making a video for it. I’d rather they go finish up their album with their real high quality songs I know they’re going to take over the K-Pop world with!

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  1. Hey could you please tell me what does “CF song” mean? Thanks!

    • It’s just a song that’s made and used specifically for commercials in South Korea =] sorry it took me so long to respond!

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