Is that you Ayu?

Oh sorry, I totally thought it was! Considering how eerily similar Nishino Kana looks to the Queen of J-Pop: dead eyes, fish lips and all.

Luckily that’s where the similarities end though. I just recently decided to check out Nishino Kana though she has been making splashes on the Oricon Top 10 singles charts and I’ve kinda blew her off as another saturated ‘wannabe Ayu’ pop artist.

It wasn’t until today someone told me that she was actually in the R&B/dance genre and that she actually had a very lovely voice and a few good songs under her belt.

Being the procrastinator that I am I decided to check out her last single, Dear…/MAYBE, released in December of 2009. And truthfully, I’m berating myself right now for never have given her a chance. I LOVE IT.

I don’t even care that the song is so long, it’s so pretty and actually enjoyable and not as boring as holiday ballads tend to be. It’s a lot better than Ayu and Kuu‘s winter releases. She can’t beat Namie’s album though.

Unfortunately I only had time to get that one single, but I’m definitely going into her past and digging up some more stuff, hopefully it’s more like Dear…/MAYBE.

MAYBE has to be my favorite of the two though.

I didn’t like it until 0:18 when the full out instrumentals began and you really get into the song, especially the chorus. Ridiculously catchy.

The single also has a pretty strong b-side.

Yours Only ~maison De M-flo~ feat. WISE which was recorded for m-flo’s tribute album. I really like it as well, and her vocals are definitely best on the song but I still prefer Dear… and MAYBE to Yours Only ~maison De M-flo~ feat. WISE.

And even then it’s still better than anything Ayu has released in a while. Similarities between them in my mind have ceased to exist beyond the physical.

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  1. you sound disgusting. i don’t know what it is but you type like you would be really fat and ugly.

    • And you type like a little girl who’s upset that her fave artist has been insulted. Grow up sweetie. And if you are already grown up…well that’s sad.

    • Never knew people can know how people look by the way they type….

      if that’s the case then reading comment you sound some pressed fan girl! which is probably worse then anything.

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