Review: BoA’s BUMP BUMP! feat. Verbal & Mamoritai ~White Wishes~


Boa’s new era is capturing my attention!

I must be the first to admit I’m not a huge BoA fan. I like a few of her songs but I’m not an avid follower.


lately her new singles have opened my ears to her unique voice and superior dancing abilities.

File:BoA - BUMP BUMP! CD.jpg

BUMP BUMP! feat. Verbal – I’ll definitely be the first to admit that I wasn’t hooked at first. I think it’s simply because I don’t think her voice suits fast high energy upbeat dance songs, but upon a second listen I get the gist of the song. It’s upbeat but it still retains a slight R&B flavor to it (a style in which BoA and her voice truly shine), I personally love the trumpet beat throughout the song but I do admit it isn’t a sure fire hit, which totally explains its debut position of #8 on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart. Not that that’s bad but BoA could definitely do better.

The PV is HOT though, absoloutely love it! Her dancing wipes everyone else out of the water, watching the PV makes me like the song a lot more, which only helps. The dance edit of the video is f&*$ing awesome!

File:BoA - BUMP BUMP! CD+DVD.jpg

IZM feat. Verbal – This song is the reason I have the single on my IPOD in the first place and why I’ve been openly listening to BoA’s new singles and anticipating future releases. The song is a bit more on the slow and relaxing side that its predecessor, and the song is simply love. I wasn’t hooked at first but I knew it was onto something by the time the song was finishing, it was just unique and I really enjoyed her voice, I just had to listen to it again…and again. Now here I am writing about how good the song is. Seriously, take a listen. I love the “And you wanna be in love with me” part on both Verbal and BoA’s parts <33


まもりたい ~White Wishes~ (Mamoritai ~White Wishes~) – Now this is an amazing A-side single. The song simply put is just very pretty and gentle and sweet. I love how the song opens with that music box and piano accompaniment, I don’t even know how to put it except imagine a fairy being born and sparkling and the theme song behind that lol. It’s a fascinating sound and BoA’s voice is perfect for this song!

The PV is nothing special but she totally rocks it like the superstar she is.

File:BoA Mamoritai-White Wishes-(CD+DVD).jpg

THE END そして and… (THE END Soshite and…) – What a cool song man, I would even go on to say that I prefer this song to Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ it has this really cool jazz R&B vibe to it and isn’t as pretty as ~White Wishes~ yet it has this entrancing charm over the ears. The instrumentals are an interesting mix in this. I hear electric guitar strings somewhere in the middle of the song and its pops every once in a while but the beat remains as a snap-your-fingers type jazz song, there’s also a piano throughout the song mostly pronounced at the end. Yet the song doesn’t feel muddled. It all seems to fit perfectly. Muchos kudos to BoA for actually producing the song.

I can’t be the only one wondering why her Japanese stuff is SO much better than her American stuff right? There’s so much more depth, musically, in her Japanese music! If only she had stuck to her roots instead of going the electropop route. Any thoughts?

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