Review: After School’s Because of You MV

OK, so everyone should know going into this that I generally ADORE After School, they’re my 2nd favorite girl group musically (1st being 2NE1 of course!).

What I mean by musically is simply that I LOVE their music. For example, KARA is my absolute favorite girl group, I ADORE KARA, I think Nicole is my favorite person in the K-Pop industry who happens to be a girl, Gyuri makes me laugh, Seungyeon seems like a sweetheart, Hara seems like tons of fun to be around, and Jiyoung is just such a blonde but in a good way. But that doesn’t mean I LOVE their music, I only have one song from them (Mr. if you wanted to know)!

Ok so back to After School’s new song, Because of You, I can’t get over how much I love the song! I’ve been listening to it nonstop since it came out, I love the rapping throughout the song it fits so well and the emotion put into it was just palpable. So I had high expectations for the music video to say the least.


Ok I love the kinda movie like beginning the video starts off with, I also love how the dancing scenes are in kinda a monotone color, truly gives off the feeling of grief through their dancing, if that makes sense lol. Also I’m so happy I finally know what they’re saying because it seems so much deeper.


WTH is going on in the storyline?? I mean I saw the video before I went to school today at 6:30 A.M. and I just remember being like ‘Are Jooyeon and UEE dating in this or something? OMG is this a love triangle between Gahee, UEE, and Jooyeon?? OH SH_T!!’

It was like watching one of my Spanish novelas (soap operas) unravel, needless to say I LOVED IT XD

Not only that but the guy is hot! Hmm eye candy for the ladies too (but after watching that video I have a girl crush on Bekah now lol), good going After School, mucho kudos to you.

Now their other song, When I Fall, I thought was just as good if not better, I’m a sucker for relaxed guitar strings and pretty vocals. Raina’s addition to the group definitely catapulted them onto another plane musically. I’m officially looking foward to their future releases, after Diva came out I stopped following them, but I’m back on the bandwagon! Bring it on After School!

Any thoughts on After School’s comeback?

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  1. you’ve made a great point about the them!
    yea at first i was like are they dating or something? or are they like having some sort of love triangle etc. just like you!
    i adore afterschool too! my fav. is Kahi! she’s a amazing!
    but afterschool is great because of all the different people in it.. bc they have different personalities and they bring different taste into the group!
    i can’t wait to see other great songs like “because of you” from them! 🙂

    • They are amazing, they’re in the my top 3 girl groups right after 2NE1 ❤

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