Review: MBLAQ’s 100% Ver. Mini-Album

MBLAQ is BACK. And so am I 😀 Everyone ready for my oh-so-accurate review of these boys’ latest musical endeavor? Again, I apologize for the delay and hope to make it up to you with my review, though not overly long-winded I like to think I make up for it with my precise unbiased analysis.


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I’ve been so neglectful of this blog and for that apologize profusely! I’m still as obsessed with my j-pop and k-pop as I was before but I’ve never really had time to post on this site unfortunately! It will pick up though I promise! I will start with at least one post a week on something in the k-pop or j-pop stratosphere!

I think I’ll begin with a review of MBLAQ’s new album and move on slowly but surely from there. Also I have a tumblr where I’ll begin to post updates on how the reviewing process is going, or what random thing in the k-pop or j-pop world I choose to focus on in the week, so follow me at hellothisisalejandra!

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Changmin & Yunho’s Comeback

I LOVED LOVED their comeback!! Like…this little boy was me!!

AHH YUNHO’S FIERCE ASS DANCE!! I died and went to heaven just a lil’ bit ;D

There is something to be said of a performance of such caliber, along the lines of them being seasoned performers. They’ve been at it for years and they’ve mastered the art of entertaining and impressing. That is all I will say. It’s always sad seeing them without their fellow TVXQ/DBSK members but c’est la vie~ (*goes off to cry in corner*)

But now its time for gifs that makes me happy!!

For all you haters!!!

So yeah do as they say!

And for all y’all waiting for the TVXQ/DBSK album review…yeah that’s gonna take a while. Priority demands I do my research paper first T-T I blame my Intro to World Religions teacher…



Music Moment: Shakira’s Islands

I know she’s nothing Asian but I love reconnecting with my Hispanic roots and listening to her. Haha actually this song is not even in Spanish! It’s a cover of the British band The xx’s Islands. So it’s in English and, ultimately, it’s alternative-pop perfection in Shakira’s capable knowing hands.

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MBLAQ’s Cry MV Released

Ok so this is a little late but whatever haha. I remember mentioning that I didn’t want the music in the preview background to be the title song, but I take that back now!

I’m so in love with this song! At first I was like ummm… but now I’m all…


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Upcoming Future Review: MBLAQ 1st Album

I have no idea what it’s called or the title track. The only thing I have to go off is this really weird/strangely beautiful teaser.

The song sounds kinda pretty, hope its not their title track though.

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Review: GD&TOP’s GD & TOP Vol. 1 album

I can just feel y’all rolling your eyes at me at GD & TOP’s album name. But come on, really, does anyone else know the title of this album??! Haha, I’ve heard some people referring to it as High High but I think that was just the name of the digital single they released prior to the album. But would a rose called by any other name not smell as sweet?? (I think that’s how the quote goes haha haven’t read Shakespeare in a while, so forgive my social faux pas). What I’m trying to say is the album is still great despite what it might be called, so let’s begin with the reviewing process.


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Cyberspace Neglect

Wow it’s been forever since I’ve been on this site and I have to say to, like my two, remaining fans (psh delusional meee~) that I’m so sorry! I just started college in the fall and I was so caught up in everything but I think I’ve calmed down and this winter break has got me putting things into perspective.

It wasn’t solely starting college and moving away from home that stopped me from blogging, it was also because I lost interest in Japan and South Korea. They haven’t done anything to impress me in the past year. No HUGE hits like Abracadabra, Fire,or Again&Again, which were the reasons I got into blogging in the first place.

But alas here’s hoping to a new year and more posts from me! Also my hope has been reinvigorated by the release of GD&TOP’s album, which is quite fantastic, dare I say. So look forward to my review on that coming out in two days 😀

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Don’t Go Away, Stay…

Definitely without a doubt one of their best performances. So much fun to watch. Especially Minzy and Dara at the end LOL.

I wasn’t feeling the song that much up until recently now I can’t seem to get enough of it. And while their album isn’t the EPIC one I would want it to be, it’s still pretty damn good. So enjoy. I especially love CL’s rap ❤

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Music Moment: GO & Nassun’s O-IWI-O

Sex in the ears is what this is…

This song is so HOT, like damn, this is a hit according to my ears. I’ve been a little lukewarm towards all Korean releases lately because nothing I loved has come out. Like last year I had 2NE1 (Fire), KARA (Mr.), 4minute (Muzik), SNSD’s epic summer releases (I maintain Genie is their best song EVER) but this summer nothing really stood out to me really. I was starting to think that the quality of my K-Pop was just on a downward spiral.

But O-IWI-O definitely lets me know that there’s still high quality work in the Korean music industry. It just dulled down during the summer =/ but I rest assured knowing that a new season is upon us and hopefully more comebacks with fresh music. For now this is gonna be on repeat for like HOURS.


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